Red Sonja Known in the Northern lands as “Shield Maidens” due to their disdain for armor other than shields, the Amazons are a human race dominated by the female. They are said to have originated in the Ament lands, far to the south, and over the years have migrated to the Pandizan Peninsula. In the North, the Amazons can be found near their castle near Sea Rune on the Pagan Coast north of the city of Ossary. They are also found in southern lands in and around the city of Rallu near Ghinor and the Ament Tundra. Amazons who are mercenaries can be found in nearly every army in the Wilderlands.

Amazons often have trained animal companions, and the Amazons of Sea Rune are rumored to have lions as pets. Highly dextrous and very well toned, they are often noted for preferring little or no armor in combat. In group combat, they often fight in unison with their sisters. Some say they are able to do this telepathically. They also have an uncanny ability to anticipate the tactics of their opponents.

Amazons take their captives as slaves. Of the slaves, only female slaves are put to work, while male slaves are used solely for reproductive purposes and sport. Male Amazons aren’t pampered, however. They are expected to maintain themselves in top athletic condition, though they are not allowed to learn the ways of war.

Description: Fair to light brown skin, blonde or red hair, green eyes, 5ft. 6 in., 110 lbs., lithe to voluptuous build, typically Lawful Neutral.

Racial Traits: As human per the PRPG, plus:
  • Attributes: +2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma, -2 Constitution.
  • Skills: Handle Animal and Survival are class skills.
  • Power Points: The Amazons are innately psionic so they gain 1 power point.
  • Armor Aversion: Due to their disdain for armor, Amazons always gain the Light Armor Proficiency Feat if their starting class grants heavy armor proficiency. If their starting class does not grant the heavy armor proficiency feat, then they do not gain any armor proficiency feats. Aamzons are automatically proficient with all types of shields.
  • Defensive Precognition (Su): All amazons wearing no armor or amazon armor gain the supernatural psionic ability of _Defensive Precognition, this gives them a +1 insight bonus to AC and Saving Throws. This bonus does not apply if the character is flat footed, or has lost her dexterity bonus or is unconscious.
  • Gender Interaction: Default “unfriendly” attitude towards males of all races, unless you yourself are a male Amazon. Men gain a +2 racial modifier to the DC of any social- or Charisma-based skills they attempt against you due to your natural dislike of them unless you, yourself, are an Amazon man.
  • Languages: Amazon.


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