Common Viridian

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Common Viridians are the basal population of cities and towns around the decadent empire of Virdistan. Their primary stock is Tharbrian, which has been dominated by thousands of years by the true Viridians, intermixed with a dollop of true Viridian blood. The common viridian population usually farms, are artists and artisans, craftsmen, and merchants of the Empire. The green tinge of their skin is usually looked down upon in the east. While the opposite is true once one gets nearer to Viridistan.

Description: Pale skin with varying tints of green. tawny or pale blond hair, green eyes, 5ft. 6 in. 150 lbs., average build, typically Lawful Neutral or Lawful Evil.

Racial Traits: As human in the Pathfinder RPG, with the following exceptions:
  1. Skills: All common Viridians gain knowledge (Local Viridistan) as a class skill, regardless of their class.
  2. Language: Viridian.

Common Viridian

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