Barba the Slaver

Antillians, centered on the city of Antil, are a further admixture of Alryan with more Orichalan, Tharbrian, elven, and (now extinct) Antili blood. Where Alryans are wise and wryly humorous, Antillians are cunning and disarmingly vicious. Antillians are terrifying merchants, willing and able to swindle at the drop of a copper; they are also a proud people, and they have taken the tradition of vendetta to hitherto unknown heights. Antillians are graceful, with very lithe features and slightly pointed ears, though to mistake one for a half-elf is to ask for a duel. Antillians wear rich, colorful clothing, the more ostentatious the better, and prefer light, quick weapons, such as rapiers and stilettos. Antillians consider women to be chattel, to be used to further political and mercantile relationships. Antillians are notorious slavers, considering other races destined only for servitude. They despise Amazons, and believe them to be fit only for concubinage. Description: Swarthy olive skin, black hair, brown eyes, 5 ft. 6 in., 150 lbs, light build, typically Neutral Evil.

Racial Traits:

• Skills: Bluff is always a class skill regardless of class

• Weapon Proficiency: Antillians receive the Simple Weapons Proficiency feat for the dagger and the Martial Weapons Proficiency feat for rapier as bonus feats.

• Gender Bias: Default “unfriendly” attitude towards females of all races, unless you yourself are female. Females suffer a +2 racial modifier to the DC of any social- or Charisma-based skills they attempt against you due to your natural dislike of them (but not including magical effects) unless you yourself are female

• Languages: Common, Antillian


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