Common Avalonian

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A lot of the common humans in the city of Valon share some lineage with the more pure blooded peoples, as well as their affinity with the sea and the ice. Most common Avalonians are expert craftsmen, sailors, and shipwrights. Most of the commoners either take the Cantrips feat or have taking one level of Sorcerer to aide their sailing skills or crafts. This is because cantrips or prosaic magic is even taught to children.

Description: Pale skin with light blue tints, hair of any color, but body hair such as eyebrows and beards are usually tinted with platinum. Gray or black eyes, 6 ft., 200 lbs., sleek and muscular build, typically Neutral Good.

Racial Traits: As per human in Pathfinder RPG, but with the following changes:

  • Skills: Rope Use, Profession (Sailor), Spellcraft, and Swim are class skills regardless of class chosen.
  • Languages: Avalonian.

Common Avalonian

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