Common Orichalan

Comps i11 1 There are a few of these folk that are left, as most people with the blood of Orichalans have been hunted down by the Altanians. Most that still exist live in isolated communities or live in areas there they are not persecuted. Nevertheless, some remain in some regions of the Wilderlands, detailed below. Each share some common racial traits.

Common Orichalans: are found in the southern end of the Orichalan Peninsula or in the strange city of Malikarr. So, common Orichalans can be some of the most vicious in anti-Orichalan, perhaps as a result of their blood, which they have no control.

Moonraker Moor Folk: They exist now primarily in the Moonraker Moorlands between the howling hills and the Dearthwood. South of Byrny and North of the River Eorlbane. They respect the Sanctity of the Rorystone Road, but anyone that wanders off the road is regarded as fair game. Unlike the more “civilized” common Orichalans, the Moor Folk revere the gods of the Moon and nature spirits. They often travel far and wide across the Wilderlands to fulfill ancient rituals at long-lost altars and monoliths. Females have become rare, and are usually powerful Sorcerers of the Dragon lineage.

Roglo River Folk: The Roglo River Folk descended from the merchants of the long lost Dragon Empire. These merchants have made their trade up and down the Estuary of Roglaroon, as well as along the sea coast of other river systems. Though they maintained their homes in the cities, the merchants mingled their blood with the other races. When the Dragon Empire went the way of all Nations, the ancestors of the Roglo River Folk stayed on the waters. Today, they trade goods with the city of Modron to the port cities along the North and Eastern coasts of the Pazidan Peninsula.

p.Description: Slight purple cast to the skin. some of which may also have patches of slight scales like snakeskin. Dark hair, often black or with purplish highlights, amber or grey eyes; 6 ft.; 180 lbs, lean build, typically neutral or neutral evil.

Racial traits: As human in Pathfinder RPG, except for the following changes:

  • Skills: +1 racial bonus to Craft (Alchemy)
  • Racial Animosity: Orichalans are disliked and receive a +1 penalty to reaction rolls.
  • Languages: Common. Common Orichalans may also select Orichalan and Draconic bonus languages.

Common Orichalan

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