Pathfinder Races

One aspect about the Wilderlands is that the Publisher allows you to make the Wilderlands what you want them to be. I generally show this through the existence of Races. I use several races from the Wilderlands themselves as well as races from Pathfinder to bring the Wilderlands to life.

While it is certainly possible to run a Wilderlands campaign using only the standard races from the PHB, if you would like to truly customize your campaign to take advantage of the Wilderlands setting you may elect to use the races found here to more firmly tie your character to the cultures of the Pazidan Peninsula and the Wilderlands.

Some races (or strains of a specific race) have a Traits section. If so, they do not use the normal Traits of their base race according to the standard system, but use the listed Traits instead. If not, use the racial traits from the PHB. Races include: Humans, Default; Alryans, Antillians, Common Avalonians, Common Orichalans, Common Viridians, Dunael, Ghinorans, Gishmesh, Karakhans, Skandiks, Tharbrians, Altanians, Amazons, Avalonians, Dwarves, Elves, Gnomes, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Halflings, Warforged, Shifters, Changelings, Kalashtar, Half-Giants, Maenads, Elans, and Xephs.


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